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IPARA TECHNOLOGIES AND SOLUTIONS, INC. operates the OWTO Rideshare Service (hereinafter referred to as “OWTO”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) and provides an online digital platform that connects drivers who have empty seats in their vehicles with individuals who are seeking to go to a certain location and are seeking a means of transportation (collectively, the “Services”), which are made available through our Mobile Applications OWTO makes available (collectively, the “Service”). By using the Service you understand and agree to be legally bound by these Terms of Service (“Terms of Service”) whether you register to use the Service or not. Please read carefully as these Terms of Service govern your access and use of the Service, and all Users (described below) and OWTO content. If you do not agree with the Terms of Service then you have no right to continue using or accessing the Service and all User and OWTO content. Failure to abide by the Terms of Service as hereby stated may subject you to civil and criminal penalties.

The Service is offered as an online platform through which Drivers (defined below) and Riders (defined below) may process and book Trips (defined below) for Ridesharing (defined below) purposes directly with each other. By proceeding to use and access the Service you confirm that you acknowledge that OWTO has no control over the conduct of Drivers, Riders or Users of our Service. You understand that OWTO is not an insurer, agent or broker, and you disclaim us of all liability in this regard to maximum extent permitted by law.

Common Definitions

  1. Change of Terms of Service
    1. OWTO reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify the Service or to modify these Terms of Service, including the Service Fee, at any time and without prior notice. If we modify these Terms of Service, we will either post the modification on the Website or via the Mobile Application or otherwise provide you with notice of the modification. We will also update the "Last Updated" date at the top of these Terms of Service. By continuing to access or use the Service after we have posted a modification on the Website or via the Mobile Application or have provided you with notice of a modification, you are indicating that you agree to be bound by the modified Terms of Service. If the modified Terms of Service are not acceptable to you, your only recourse is to cease using the Service.
  2. Your responsibilities
    1. We ask Users to verify their identity through their email or phone number. We do not investigate any User's reputation, conduct, morality, criminal background or any other information posted on the Service. You are responsible for exercising common sense and determining the suitability of other Users of the Service. We encourage you to communicate directly with potential Drivers or Riders through the Service and to take the same precautions you would when meeting a person for the first time.
    2. You are solely responsible for your interactions with other Users and Drivers of our Service. We will not be responsible for any damage or harm resulting from your interactions with other Users and/or Drivers. We reserve the right to monitor interactions and restrict access to any User who is posting material we consider objectionable.
    3. Release. As our Service is a facilitator, in the event of a dispute between you and another User, you release us (and our affiliates) from claims, demands and damages (actual or consequential) of any kind and nature, known or unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, arising out or in any way connected with such disputes.
  3. Your conduct
    1. As a user of this Service, you must act responsibly and exercise good judgment. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
      1. violate any applicable local laws or regulations
      2. infringe the rights of any third party, including without limitation, intellectual property, privacy, publicity or contractual rights
      3. use information obtained through this Service for any unauthorized purpose
      4. interfere with or damage the Service
      5. use this Service to distribute spam
      6. harass other users
      7. use the site and/or mobile application for commercial purposes
      8. register on the site on behalf of another individual
      9. assist a third party in doing any of the above
      10. Riders: you must be at least 16 years old and able to enter into legally binding contracts to access and use the OWTO Service or register for an OWTO Account. By accessing or using the OWTO Service you represent and warrant that you are 16 or older and have the legal capacity and authority to enter into a contract.
      11. Drivers: you must be at least 18 years old and able to enter into legally binding contracts to access and use the OWTO Service or register for an OWTO Partner Account. By accessing or using the OWTO Service you represent and warrant that you are 18 or older and have the legal capacity and authority to enter into a contract.
  4. Use of the Service
    1. NO personal activities
    2. The Service is strictly limited to providing a Service for Drivers and Riders to Rideshare by the company’s capacity. The services may not be used to offer or accept car sharing for profit or in any personal context.
    3. The Driver must not provide additional services to any Rider for profit or gain (and the Rider may not accept or ask for any such services) including (without limitation) package delivery, waiting time, additional drop offs and pick-ups and collecting additional Riders (other than the Rider).
    4. All trips; pick up points and destinations must be pre-arranged through the Service. Drivers may not collect any Rider from any location which has not been pre-arranged with the Rider through the Service or if the service is not OWTO Share. Riders may request to pick up additional riders as long as it doesn’t affect the initial ETA set in the service as this may add more distance and time not paid to the partner.
    5. Users are reminded that using the Service in a personal capacity may invalidate a Driver’s insurance. OWTO’s liability is limited in accordance with these Terms of Service and in particular OWTO is not liable in respect of any breach of any agreement between Users or breach by a User of these Terms of Service including where any Driver (in breach of these Terms of Service) offers services through the Service in a personal capacity (thereby potentially invalidating their insurance.). It is up to Users to be vigilant in ensuring that services are not provided on a personal basis.
    6. OWTO clearly is a provider of transport services through its online digital platform. The Service is a ridesharing platform for Users to pre-arrange a booking with a Driver. Once a trip is booked, OWTO does not interfere with Trips, destinations or timings. OWTO is not liable in respect of any matter arising which relates to a Booking between Users and Drivers. OWTO is not and will not act as an agent for any User.
    7. Any breach of these Terms of Service will give rise to immediate suspension of a User’s account and they may be restricted from accessing any further services.
    8. Rideshare service
      1. OWTO offers a Rideshare service which allows Users to be connected to a Driver to arrange a Rideshare. The Rider will book a trip and the Driver will be connected to arrange a Rideshare and any conditions of travel (including size of luggage, equipment, etc.).
      2. The eligibility of a User to use the Rideshare service is to OWTO’s discretion and as such OWTO reserves the right to withdraw that service from any User at any time.
    9. Access to Rideshare service
      1. Each User of OWTO is asked to create an Account to access the Rideshare service. To create an Account, you must:
        1. Linking of online accounts
          1. Log in with your Facebook account via Open Authentication methods (OAuth). In using such OAuth methods, you understand that OWTO will have access to information about your Facebook account, and publish some of that information on the Service. You can remove the link between your OWTO account and your Facebook account using the “Social Accounts” section of your account settings.
          2. Register with your mobile number and password, and complete all required fields on the registration form.
        2. Verify your mobile phone number and have access to communicate with other Users via calls and text messages while making use of the Service
        3. Provide a well-lit profile photo of yourself that clearly shows your face
        4. Provide your age and gender
        5. Agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
    10. When creating your Account, you agree to provide accurate and true information, and to update it through your profile or by notifying OWTO.
    11. You agree to be the sole owner of your Account, and to not share its access with anyone.
    12. You agree that all representations, communications, bookings, payments and the use of any of the other features provided by Service are only made by you, and never by a third party, or on behalf of a third party.
    13. You agree not to create or use, under your own identity or that of a third party, Accounts other than that initially created by you.
    14. Rideshare service with Bookings
      1. Conditions under which a User can use this service.
      2. OWTO reserves the right to:
        • Withdraw the Booking service it provides and restrict it to a cohort of Users and / or only several destinations.
        • Make exceptions to the policies of the Booking service
      3. Bookings
        1. OWTO arranges Trips on the Service by providing the origin and destination, date and time of departure and any other relevant information.
        2. The Rider may book a Trip from the Service only by performing an online payment with a valid credit/debit card or cash. The payment is received by OWTO after the Trip.
        3. After performing a successful Booking on a Trip, the Driver and Rider are bound to that Booking and any cancellations are subject to the Cancellations terms listed below in Section 4.4.5
        4. The Driver and Rider are informed of the Booking that happened by emails respectively sent to their email address by OWTO. The Booking is only valid under the User’s registered name on the Service and is void under any other name. The Driver is subject, upon a Booking placed by a Rider, to complete the Trip as required by the Service. The Driver must ensure there are enough seats in their vehicle to comfortably accommodate each and every Rider with a seatbelt.
        5. As a Rider, you have the responsibility to make sure that the number of passengers you’re bringing along to the trip/ride request is the same as the maximum allowable seating capacity of the booked vehicle.

          As a Driver, if the number of passengers/riders that will take the trip/ride are more than the number of the maximum allowable seating capacity of your vehicle you can decline the trip request without incurring any penalties as long as it was relayed to the customer service team with enough evidence through written explanation.

        6. Drivers are mandated to always ask for the Rider’s name before starting a trip to not make erroneous pickups. Riders are also encouraged to input and declare their real name during the sign up process and during the time of pickup before the driver starts the trip.
      4. Currency
        1. All Payments and Payouts on OWTO are processed in Philippine Peso (currency symbol PHP).
      5. Payouts and fees incurred for a Booking
        1. Service fee
        2. In the scope of the Rideshare service with Bookings, OWTO collects a service fee on each Booking.
        3. The Service fee is deducted from the payment processed after the Trip as calculated prior to the Trip being booked by the Rider accepted by the Driver.
        4. The Service fee equates to 15% of the total Trip's fare after mandatory tax deductions.
        5. Payout to the Driver
          1. After a Trip, the Payment made by a Rider goes through a clearing period until the cutoff time of the same day of the Booking. During this clearing period, Riders have the opportunity to dispute their Booking on the Trip. In the absence of a dispute during this clearing period, the Payment is cleared after the cutoff time.
          2. Once the Payment is cleared, the Payment is ready to be sent out to the Driver as a Payout.
          3. At this point, the Driver must have a valid Payout Method set in their OWTO account. The Driver may choose to receive Payouts using one Payout Method:
            1. (i) Into either the partner’s preferred account or what the company’s available disbursement methods are.
          4. d. Once a valid Payout Method has been entered by the Driver and the Payment has passed the clearing period, a Payout is ready to be sent to the Driver. Payouts are sent to Drivers once within the next 24 to 48 hours after the day ends.
          5. After a Payout has been sent to a Driver, there are additional Processing Times for the Payout to reach the Driver’s preferred Payout account, depending on the selected Payout Method.
          6. If a valid Payout Method isn’t entered within twelve (12) months of the Payout being created, the Payout is forfeited and funds are deemed to belong to OWTO.
        6. Responsibilities for the Driver to get paid
          1. It is reminded that in the scope of a Trip between a Driver and one or many Riders, the Driver must:
            1. Turn up to the pick-up point on time. If the Driver fails to do so, or in the event of a cancellation, OWTO reserves the right to keep the information regarding the cancellation in the database and to publish that information on their User profile to indicate their reliability to other Users of the Service. OWTO also reserves the right to suspend or remove a User for failure to fulfil their obligations on a Trip.
            2. To inform the Riders booked on a Trip of any modifications to the Trip’s details and get their permission to amend those details. If a Rider refuses a change on that Trip, they are in full right to cancel their Booking without fees and without any Contribution going towards the Driver’s costs.
            3. To wait for the Rider at the pick-up point for up to 5 minutes past the agreed upon time specified by OWTO.
      6. Payments and Cancellations and Disputes
        1. A cancellation by the Driver or the Rider after a Booking is subject to the following rules:
          1. Cancellation issued by the Driver
            1. If the Driver cancels a Trip request after five minutes (5) after the Driver’s arrival time to the rider’s pickup point (normal cancellation), the Driver receives an automatic review on their profile with a normal cancellation and their Cancellation Rate will increase.
            2. In the event the Driver makes a normal cancellation, the Rider will be charged a 50 PHP cancellation fee.
            3. If the Driver cancels a Trip request less than three minutes (3) after the Trip’s booking time (early cancellation), the Driver receives an automatic review on their profile with an early cancellation and their Cancellation Rate will be reduced.
            4. the Driver cancels a Trip request before five minutes (5) after the Driver’s arrival time to the rider’s pickup point (early cancellation), the Driver receives an automatic review on their profile with an early cancellation and their Cancellation Rate will increase.
            5. If the Driver does not show up for a Trip (no-show), the Driver receives an automatic review on their profile with a no-show.
            6. If the Rider does not show up for a Trip (no-show) after the Driver has waited for more than five (5) minutes, the Driver can cancel the trip and charge the Rider a cancellation fee of 50PHP.
          2. Cancellation issued by the Rider
            1. If the Rider cancels a Trip request starting after three minutes (3) after the Trip’s booking time (late cancellation), the Rider receives an automatic review on their profile with a late cancellation and they will charged a cancellation fee of 50 PHP.
            2. If the Rider cancels a Trip less than three minutes (3) after the Trip’s booking time (early cancellation), the Rider receives an automatic review on their profile with an early cancellation.
            3. If the Rider does not show up after five (5) minutes of the Driver's arrival time, the Driver will receive a 50 PHP cancellation fee as compensation to waiting after the driver does cancel the trip.
            4. The cancellation fee charged on the recently cancelled trip paid to the previous driver’s account will be billed to the rider’s next trip. OWTO will take the cancellation fee from that trip’s total net fare.
            5. In the event of a cancellation, the car freed up by the Rider on the Trip is offered to other Users of the Service and subject to the Booking and Cancellations policies in this document.
        2. Disputing cancellations, bookings or payments
          1. A Driver or Rider has up to three (3) days after a Trip departed on the Service to dispute a Booking, Cancellation or Payment that would result in the Driver receiving a Payout, as per section If there has been no dispute from the Driver or Rider within three (3) days after the Trip departed on the Service on any Bookings, Cancellations or Payments on that Trip resulting in payments for the Driver, or the Rider has received confirmation that the Trip has successfully happened through the Service, including our Support channels or any other online or offline communication channels, inside or outside the scope of our Service, the Payment to the Driver will proceed as per usual and under the rules defined in this Section.
          2. A Driver or Rider may raise a dispute for a Booking within the three (3) day dispute window by using the review system provided by the Service through the mobile application. In the event of a dispute outside the three (3) day window, kindly refer your dispute to your issuing bank for their dispute process if it’s a credit/debit card transaction.
      7. Payment process in the realm of Rideshares with Bookings
        1. Collection of payments
          1. To collect payments, the Service can accept credit/debit card payments (VISA and/or Mastercard) and cash payments directly from the Rider to the driver.
          2. All credit card and debit card payment are subject to additional charges due to the processing of the payment from the riders cards’ financial institutions.
        2. Interests
          1. The payments through the Service placed through the Service’s Booking service and owed to Drivers might accrue interests over time if they are not distributed in a timely manner. This might happen under exceptional circumstances. The User agrees never to claim any interest accrued on any payment they are due.
        3. Fraud and Identity
          1. Users agree to respond to any demand from OWTO, the bank or any legal entities with regards to preventing or fighting fraud and/or money laundering. In particular, Users agree to comply with such requests by supplying valid identification documents. In the event of an immediate response to such requests, Users agree in advance to allow OWTO to freeze any funds they might be owed in relation to any Trips or Bookings on the Service or/and to restrict their access to the Service.
    15. Insurance
      1. The Driver takes the responsibility to insure their vehicle as per the laws in effect and to check the validity of their insurance before every Trip. The Driver must also have a valid professional driver’s license.
      2. It is each Driver’s and Rider’s responsibility to verify with their insurance company they are covered while Ridesharing. Please coordinate with the management for OWTO insurance.
      3. For Drivers with operator issued vehicles, it is also their duty to check their insurance policies cover all Riders on a Ridesharing Trip.
      4. The User accepts the full financial responsibility for any uncovered insurance claims that might result from an accident, and agrees that OWTO is in no way liable.
    16. OWTO reserves the right to suspend at any time a User’s account and withhold any outstanding payments in suspicion or acknowledgement of the User practicing any personal activity related to the Service, as described in Section 3.1. OWTO also reserves the right to communicate any illegal professional activity through the Service to the relevant authorities.
    17. Complaints & conflicts
      1. OWTO provides a contact form for Users to report any complaints and resolve conflicts. This form is destined, in particular, to help Users resolve complaints around Bookings and cancellations.
      2. OWTO does its best to address all demands in a timely manner and has the responsibility and obligation in aiding both riders and drivers in resolving all conflicts that arise on the Service between them.
      3. If a conflict goes unsolved between Driver and Rider, OWTO reserves the right to withhold any outstanding money paid by the Rider until an agreeable solution is found between Rider and Driver or a legal decision is imposed.
    18. Verification
      1. Verification is available from the OWTO Service. We reserve the right to expand or limit the availability of our verification or terminate the verification program at any time.
      2. Security
        1. OWTO is very concerned with safeguarding your information. When you enter sensitive information (such as a digital copy of your identity documents: driver's license, ID card, passport or any other form of ID) on our verification form, we encrypt that information using secure socket layer technology (SSL). We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it. No method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure, however. Therefore, we cannot guarantee its absolute security. OWTO shall abide by the provisions of the Data Privacy Act of the Philippines at all times.
        2. We will make any legally required disclosures of any breach of the security, confidentiality, or integrity of your unencrypted electronically stored personal data to you via email or conspicuous posting on the Service and application in the most expedient time possible and without unreasonable delay, insofar as consistent with (i) the legitimate needs of law enforcement or (ii) any measures necessary to determine the scope of the breach and restore the reasonable integrity of the data system.
      3. Your responsibilities
      4. We ask Users to verify identity by linking:
        1. their email address to the Service
        2. Or at least one social media account to the Service
        3. their cell phone number to the Service
        4. uploading a legal form of identification to the Service
          1. for Drivers, the only accepted forms of identification are their personal driver’s license with a valid expiry date.
          2. for Riders, the only accepted forms of identification are any valid IDs as confirmed by the government.
      5. We do not investigate any User's reputation, conduct, morality, criminal background or any other information. You are responsible for exercising common sense when determining the suitability of other Users of the Service. Be smart, be safe.
      6. Baggage & Pets
        1. Bringing baggage on every trip is limited to the capacity of the booked vehicle. If the baggage exceeds the space capacity of the vehicle that was booked the driver has an option to cancel the said trip.
        2. It is upon the driver’s discretion if they will allow pets to be boarded inside their vehicle during a trip. They can decline without a cancellation rate reduction depending on their reason. For riders, please be considerate when a driver declines as they may have personal reasons such as but not limited to; allergic reactions, cleanliness effort, medical fear (phobia) and unpleasant past experience.
        3. In the event that the pet that is with the rider is a service pet, the driver should allow the service pet to board the vehicle during the trip on all times. Failure to do so may result to receiving a valid complaint if the rider will be submitting one.
      7. Privacy
        1. Information collected by OWTO during the verification process will not be sold, shared or rented to others. Changes to the verification will be communicated via notifications on the Service, our newsletter or email updates.
        2. The files collected as part of the verification process on the Service will be used for manually verifying validity of details provided.
        3. The information in the files collected will not be copied to text or stored in our database. We merely use the process to visually verify identities and do not store the information present on the documents on our servers or in our database.
    19. OWTO’s Security Features
      1. This feature is available for both partners and riders thru the mobile application.
      2. Offline In-cabin A&V recording
        1. OWTO is very concerned with safeguarding your trip and because of such; we have designed a security feature that will capture both a video (if lighting is enough) and an audio recording from the partners’ mobile phone every time a trip is ongoing.
        2. With the video and audio being recorded, the partner’s device will be utilizing its front camera and microphone as a means of recording.
        3. You as a partner and/or a rider agrees and gives your consent to be recorded through the video and audio collected via the device of the partner.
        4. The OWTO feature’s recorded files will only be used as a complaint reference incase a partner or a rider files for one.
        5. The recording will be saved inside the partner’s device in a maximum of 2 days (48 hours). It will follow a specific set of procedure so the partners won’t be able to access the files. Every file will be compressed, encrypted and saved on a specific directory on the partner’s device.
        6. As a partner, you agree that the application will access and create a folder inside your mobile phone where the recordings will be saved.
        7. As a partner, you agree that whenever you’re mobile phone is connected to the internet and an upload request is sent through the app because of a complaint initiated either by you or one of your riders, the app through your profile will upload the requested file to our system.
        8. As a partner, you also agree that any attempt, successful or unsuccessful, to access the recordings for any personal intents is a valid ground for your partner account to be PERMANENTLY DEACTIVATED.
        9. In the event that the partner’s device doesn’t upload the requested file within 24 hours (Granted that the complaint is within the 48 hour window), depending on the gravity of the complaint of the rider, the partner’s profile is subject to one of the following after a careful review:
          1. Flagged and will be given a warning
          2. Temporary suspension
          3. Permanent deactivation
      3. Silent Distress Signal (SOS Feature)
        1. The feature is designed to be activated through 2 means. The SOS button on the app and the paired clicker that will be sold by the company.
        2. This feature will utilize the front camera and microphone of the partner’s device. The feature can only be activated if the driver is ONLINE through the driver app.
        3. While the in-cabin recording feature is ongoing and an unfortunate incident happens that threatens either the partner’s or the rider’s safety, either one of them can trigger this feature through the said means above.
        4. The app will then send a notification to OWTO’s command center and the in-cabin recording switches to livestream for the command center personnel to access real-time. The vehicle’s location will be sent to the command center’s system as well.
        5. If the signal is deemed valid, security measures will be taken to assure the safety of the party who triggered the signal.
        6. You as a partner and/or a rider agree and give your consent to be watched via livestream through the video and audio collected via the device of the partner.
  5. Privacy
    1. We understand the concerns that you may have about your privacy and respect your right to protect your personal information while online. Our Service is designed to allow Users to only post details regarding Trip dates and locations. We may collect other personal information from you that we do not post on our Service.
    2. By agreeing to these Terms of Service, you also agree to our Privacy Policy. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.
  6. Third-Party Content
    1. In using our Service, you may be exposed to content from other Users or third parties ("Third-Party Content") either on our Service or through links to third-party websites. We do not control and have no responsibility for Third-Party Content. You must evaluate and bear all risks associated with Third-Party Content.
  7. Intellectual property
    1. All material on our Service is protected by rights copyright, trademarks, service marks, patents, trade secrets or other proprietary right and laws as may be applicable. Unless expressly authorized by us, you may not sell, license, rent, modify, distribute, copy, reproduce, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, publish, adapt, edit or create derivative works from such material. It's our Service - no thieving.
    2. You may not systematically retrieve data or other content from our Service for your own devious plans, including re-creating databases, directories or downloads. You may not display any portion of our Service in a frame without our prior written consent. You may however, establish ordinary links to the homepage without our written permission.
  8. Email, Philippine Mobile number, Username and Social media accounts
    1. You have to enter an email and password or link a social media or a Google account as part of the registration process. You are solely responsible for the confidentiality and use of these. You must notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your login details or any other breach of security.
  9. Termination
    1. We may, in our discretion and without liability to you, with or without cause (such cause may include your breach of these Terms of Service) with or without prior notice and at any time, terminate your access to the Service.
  10. Discontinuance of Service
    1. We may, in our discretion and without liability to you, with or without prior notice and at any time, modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, any portion of the Service.
  11. Legal compliance
    1. You shall use the Service in a manner consistent with any and all applicable national and international laws and regulations.
  12. Disclaimer of warranties
    1. If you use our Service, you do so at your sole risk. Our services are provided on an 'as available' basis. We expressly disclaim, and you waive, all warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.
    2. We do not warrant that:
      1. Our services will meet your requirements or expectations.
      2. Our services will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free.
      3. Any information that you obtain through our services will be accurate or reliable.
      4. Any errors in any data or software will be corrected.
  13. Limits of liability
    1. We shall not be liable for damages of any kind (including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, general, special, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages) even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages, arising from or relating to:
      1. the user or inability to use our Service
      2. the cost of replacement of any goods, services or information obtained as a result of our Service
      3. disclosure of, unauthorized access to or alteration of your content
      4. damages for loss or corruption of data or programs, service interruptions or procurement of substitute services, even if we know or have been advised of the possibility of such damages
      5. your or anyone else's conduct or acts in connection with the use of the services, including without limitation, bodily injury, emotional distress, death or any other damages resulting from communication or meeting with other registered users or persons introduced to you via registered users, whether online or offline) any other matter arising from, relating to or connected with our services or these terms.
  14. Indemnity
    1. You shall defend, indemnify and hold us harmless from any claim, demand, action, damage, loss, cost or expense, including without limitation reasonable attorneys' fees, arising out or relating to your use of our Service. If you are obligated to indemnify us, we will have the right, to control any action or proceeding and determine whether we wish to settle it, and if so, on what terms.
  15. Reporting complaints
    1. If you feel that a Driver or a Rider has acted inappropriately including, but not limited to offensive, violent or sexually inappropriate behavior, or engages in other disturbing conduct, you must immediately report such person to the appropriate authorities and to us by contacting us, providing the most accurate possible narration of the circumstances that transpired together with OWTO’s own security mechanism and thereafter, OWTO shall conduct its own investigation fairly and impartially exercising at all times the diligence of a good father of the family with the end in view of arriving at the best possible resolution of the conflict.
    2. You can also report system issues that may have caused your trip’s details to be inaccurate and your riding experience affected. Please note however that there are external factors to be considered when finalizing a conclusion.
    3. All complaints shall be reviewed and responded to within a 48-business hour-window. Alternatively, complaints can also be addressed by going to our office during our operating hours from 10am until 6pm, Mondays to Fridays.