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Partner FAQs

Are PA and CPC a requirement to join OWTO?
Yes. As mandated by the LTFRB, for a partner to be able to join any TNC, they should have a valid PA or CPC, so that they would not be considered colorum vehicles.
What if my PA and CPC are already expired?
Please proceed to LTFRB to renew it.
What if I don't belong to the current common base of drivers cut by LTFRB can I still register?
As of the moment, we at OWTO are only accepting partners with valid CPC and PA, who belongs to the common base of drivers cut by LTFRB.
How about hatchbacks?
The LTFRB said that the accreditation of hatchback units would be subject to the following conditions:
  • Hatchback units shall be accepted subject to a transition period of three years in order for the peers to recoup their investment;
  • Hatchback units shall only be allowed to operate within Metro Manila. Hatchback units are prohibited from operating in the provinces of Laguna, Bulacan, Rizal, and Cavite; and
  • Hatchback units shall charge lower fares to be approved by the LTFRB.
Can I use my PA/CPC to drive with all TNCs in the country?
Since the driver base is now a common pool for all TNCs.
How many vehicles can I register for a PA or CPC?
One vehicle, one PA or CPC.